LAMY Safari

Well, I have to admit, this pen IS all that everyone says it is. As mentioned previously, my latest genre of pen interest has been cheap. But to the point – cheap in price, not cheap quality. For some time, I’ve been researching opinions on the various Pen boards as to peoples views on inexpensive pens. Several pens are mentioned, but in new pens, the Lamy Safari and several of the Hero pens are most frequently discussed. In respect to the Safari, it’s just tough to find any bad reviews of it.

I can see why.

To the point, this is an AWESOME pen. The Safari line comes in several bright, eye-catching colors, mine in bright yellow. So for someone that wants a pen that draws a bit of attention to itself, this definitely covers that base. It’s a nice size for me too, as I have large hands. The nib on mine is a fine point; by today’s modern standards, I guess it is a fine point, but compared to several of my older Esterbrooks, it’s pushing the medium boundary. The section of the pen has the shoulders cut at angles, I’m sure to make the pen more ergonomic and easier to hold. This is the one design aspect of the pen that I’m less than thrilled about. It’s not bad, but I just think I’d have liked it better with a more traditional round section.

More on the nib. Besides writing a nice wet line every time it’s uncapped (regardless as to how long it’s been sitting idle…), it just looks really cool. Kind of a matt black steel, and buttery smooth to write with. Maybe that’s the best way to describe this pen, it’s a writer. It’s comfortable and just light enough. It begs to be used, not just for a signature here or there, but for letters, chapters, novels.

A note before closing. I’m all for promoting those within the pen community that are helpful, offer good deals, and are generally good to deal with. I bought my pen on eBay from an outfit called Pens&Leather. Nice outfit to deal with!

Das Vadanya


Author: Will Isaac

Pen addict.

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