Cigars and Pens….Life is Good!

I want to begin this entry by giving thanks and credit to Richard Binder & Don Fluckinger at for giving me the idea for these little projects. Don sells versions of these boxes on their site and I would highly recommend you check them out.

My collection of pens is certainly not huge, but more than can fit in a coffee mug. My other great hobby-love is cigars. Love ’em! So, with several cool looking cigar boxes laying around, I came across the idea for using them for pen storage on Richards web site. Here’s some pictures of my little project I worked on last weekend:

Three boxes……

The first, I set up as a dual layer box

The next two boxes are both from Padron (awesome cigars!). Both are good for single layer storage

And the last one

Not sure why, but the holder inserts came out looking blue; they’re actually green just like the felt lining I put on the sides. Weird.

I was really happy with how these boxes turned out. One of these boxes I already owned. The other two I picked up at my local cigar shop for a buck a piece. All told, I figure I have about $5 in each one.

In closing…… Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, and then write your reviews with a good fountain pen!