Quo Vadis Minister Agenda Planning Diary

Got a cool present in the mail today, some journals from the fine folks at EXACLAIR, INC. Special thanks to Karen Doherty!

I should explain that EXACLAIR INC is the US distributer for Quo Vadis, Clairefontane, Rhodia J. Herbin and several other journal products. This review is for the Quo Vadis ‘Minister Agenda Planning Dairy’. My first impression was very good. This planner is clad in a black, leather-like material affixed to a flexible cardboard (I think) cover with the company logo embossed in the lower right corner. There is a black elastic band for securing the book affixed to the back cover, a la` Moleskin. Very elegant, classy look. And it just feels good.

While it looks good and presents a very good first impression, I want to address my negative points first. Beggers can’t be choosers, but this is not a size that I would purchase to carry. It measures 9 ½ inches by 6 ¼ wide. To big to put in a pocket, but on the good side, because of it’s size and interior layout, it’s nice and thin. Slightly less than ½ an inch thick. Wrapped around the front cover is a heavy paper band outlining the features of this planner. Two things here struck me. In bold letters at the top it says REFILLABLE. Refillable how? This planner is constructed like a large Moleskin, with paper sewn and bound together and affixed to the binder/spine (forgive my lack of correct ‘booky’ terms). Nothing slips out. Not sure about that statement. Second, it states that it has a ‘Detachable address book’. Nope. Not even a section for address contacts at all. That’s a BIG strike for me.

Now to the good. The layout is quite good and makes a lot of sense to me. It’s laid out 1 week per 2 pages starting at 8am and ending at 9pm.

There are sections on each right hand page for Phone, Fax/Email, To Do, Pay and Notes. Each page also features a perforated corner that you can remove allowing for any easy method of bookmarking where you currently are. I like this, though I think I might have preferred a simple ribbon bookmark. The best part of this planner for me is the paper. Absolutely wonderful! I almost always write with a fountain pen. My daily journal (right now) is a C.R. Gibson Markings (again….a Moleskin knockoff) and many of the inks I use will bleed through the pages. Not this planner. The paper doesn’t seem any thicker than the Markings journal, but it is noticeably smoother. It’s bright white and has a very slight sheen to it. Here is a picture where I put in my contact information and then the back side of that same sheet. Again, no bleed-thru or feathering:

So to sum up, This isn’t a planner I would buy, but only because of its size. However, if they made a planner in a smaller size, (and they may very well, I’m not very familiar with their product line) one that would fit inside a jacket pocket, I’d pick one up. If you’re ok with the layout and the size, the paper will sell you. Really nice.


Author: Will Isaac

Pen addict.

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