This Came in The Mail Today!

I love the mail. Especially when a goody comes in it, addressed to me. Today was my latest eBay acquisition, a gray Esterbrook desk pen with a surf green ceramic base. Matches my hand-built (by me) Telecaster. Wicked Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pen:

The Guitar:

Could be long lost cousins……. Pictures don’t do the colors justice, but they really are close. Here is a picture recap of the restoration:

Please forgive my pictures. I WANT to be a good photographer; in my mind, I AM a good photographer. And then I see the results and….well…….I’m not giving up my day job. The pen turned out nice. The nib was new to me, a 9556. Nice smooth fine nib.

I love the mail………

4 Replies to “This Came in The Mail Today!”

  1. It was seeing one of those Esterbrook sets in an antique shop that got me interested in fountain pens. I didn’t buy it, but I went home and googled “Esterbrook” and from there I was doomed.

    Now I have a few of those sets, including a pristine black one that was NOS. I’m trying to stop myself from buying all of the colors, and you’re not helping. (they also have a great red color that’s hard to find.)

    Nice Tele too! My Estie desk set matches my black Gretsch. 🙂

  2. What kind of camera do you have? Even some point and shoot cameras have a few things you can tweak – perhaps other faithful pen enthusiast readers can help!

    One thing I would recommend is taking the photos always in full natural light. It makes all the difference, but is hard in the winter when days are short!

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