Is There A Color Theme With Your Pens?

I thought of a picture project that interests me. Do you have a theme in your pen collection? That could run the gambit of any number of criteria. A specific manufacturer. A specific model. A specific time period. I’ll pose these “collection questions” ever so often, and I’d like to hear, and see, what you readers have in your collection. All 6 of you that read this.

My first series will deal with color. It struck me the other night that I have several specimens of the orange hue. Here they are:

Figure 1 – L-R Orange Fuliwen, Parker Duofold Sr, Chinese?, Ladies Parker Duofold, 2nd Parker Duofold Sr & last a 2009 Lamy Safari

Soooo…… I’f you’ve got some orange pens, send me a picture of them. I’ll ad them to this post (send to ). In the future, the theme may be blue, stripes…whatever suites my fancy. It’s my blog. 😉