I Want To Find the Perfect Journal…

I want to find the perfect journal. I use two basic kinds regularly. To keep track of my life in general, I use a combination of Blackberry 9700 and a Moleskin (usually a knockoff) in the 3.5 x 5.5 size. I use the journal for my daily “to-do” stuff and general notes. I’ve toyed around with other things (Rollabind & Levenger Circa stuff) but I keep coming back to this form factor. I’ve used a “genuine” Moleskin in the past with graph paper, and loved it. However I didn’t don’t love the price. I generally use a knock off made by C.R. Gibson called The Markings Notebook. These have bonded leather covers (in black or brown), ivory colored paper, a satin bookmark colored to match the cover, and a standard rear pocket folder. I have had one of these give me some spine problems, but overall the quality has been good. Tough to beat for the price. Though as a fountain pen user, I find the paper of the Markings Notebook leaves a lot to be desired. My moleskins have had better paper for fountain pen use, and that’s not good….

My wife gave me this Piccadilly journal for Christmas. Though it’s the same size as my small journals that I generally use for “work” stuff, I’m using it right now as my daily “thoughts” journal as opposed to the size I usually use for that, 8 x 5 inches. I don’t like this size for this purpose, but the paper…..Oh my, the paper! White and heavy, the best paper I’ve ever written on in a journal. Absolutely NO bleed through from even my (generally) worst offending inks. Just awesome.

So here’s what I want. I want a journal for my daily work stuff in a Moleskin-like form factor, but with paper like this Piccadilly. And priced like the Markings Notebook. There’s a review of a Piccadilly note just like I’ve described at Black Cover (http://blackcover.net/?p=30 ) from 2008. The problem is, I can’t find it anywhere. That’s my other big criteria, I’ve got to be able to actually get this beast at the Markings price. A journal online, priced at $4.00, with shipping of $10 just doesn’t work for me. I think if someone could come up with this, there might be a lot of $$ to be made……..

A final note. While out looking for my “perfect” notebook/journal, I picked up a new one, manufactured my Ecosystem. Review to come some. Maybe I’ve found it?