Sheaffer Crest 1500

I recently acquired a new pen via eBay, a ’40’s era Sheaffer. But a Sheaffer what? Here’s some pictures:

Figure 1: Before Restoration

Figure 2: After Restoration

The pen is 5 ¼ inches long capped, 6 inches posted. It’s a thick pen (me likey….) a scant shy of ½ inch. There is no white dot on the pen or cap and the nib is a 14k Sheaffer Lifetime. The nib is a medium and just an absolutely awesome writer.

Initially, I thought what I had on my hands was a Triumph Sentinel Deluxe. However, I came across the following article on PenHero.Com, which now leads me to think I have a Crest 1500.  This is a fantastic article by Jim Mamoulides. See it HERE :

Any Sheaffer experts out there, please drop me a note if you know the specifics on telling the difference between the Sentinel Deluxe and a Crest 1500.


My First Pen Show!

My First Pen Show!

There’s a cool little store in Lexington, Kentucky called Leather Inc. They’re focus is on (obviously, leather goods)…..leather goods 😉 luggage, travel oriented stuff and – PENS! Each year they sponsor a pen show, and each past year, I’ve had somewhere else I’ve had to be. Until this year.

This year, I was in town, my wife and kids were out of town (that is, no boy scouts, girl scouts, dance rehearsals, camp outs, doctors appointments or mining rescues) so I was able to go to my first pen show. While I know that this show isn’t anywhere on the level of a DC Pen show, after all, this is little ‘ole Lexington, but from the perspective of a (former) pen show virgin, it was pretty cool!

Now this is not a “commercial” for Leather Inc, but I can’t say enough about the folks that operate this establishment. They are always friendly and helpful; never any pressure or pushy sales people. And even though most of their inventory is kind of high-end stuff (at least for my wallet), their prices are very good. I came away today with a bottle of Private Reserve Spearmint ink cheaper than I can get it anywhere on the net.

Though this experience can’t really be considered the same as seeing pens in the wild (see previous post), meeting other pen people is the same sort of experience. Doctors, lawyers, postal workers, insurance agents (Me. We’re awesome.), all just folks with a common interest love for pens.

Here’s a few more pic’s of the show:

Coming Soon….I Hope

Just a quick note. A pen show is coming to Lexington! It’s not very large, and it’s been coming for a while (this will be the 15th I’m told) but it’s new for me. I’m psyched! I’ve known about it for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ll be in town, no work or kid commitments, so on and so on. If all works out, I’ll have some pictures and maybe some video soon to come. It’s sponsored by the fine folks at Leather Inc, located in Lexington Green, Lexington, Ky. Here’s a link to their web site: . Unfortuneately there’s no mention of the pen show, but it IS coming there;  Thursday October 13, 2010.

Ecosystems Journal

Video review of the Ecosystems journal

I feel faint….. Two posts in one week. None prior over several months. I’m a little sweatty here, excuse me.

Several months ago, I mentioned picking up a new journal by Ecosystems, and promised a review to follow. As I’m about to finish this one, I guess that time has come.

First, this is my first attempt at a video blog:  

Now for some old fashioned pictures,