Sheaffer Crest 1500

I recently acquired a new pen via eBay, a ’40’s era Sheaffer. But a Sheaffer what? Here’s some pictures:

Figure 1: Before Restoration

Figure 2: After Restoration

The pen is 5 ¼ inches long capped, 6 inches posted. It’s a thick pen (me likey….) a scant shy of ½ inch. There is no white dot on the pen or cap and the nib is a 14k Sheaffer Lifetime. The nib is a medium and just an absolutely awesome writer.

Initially, I thought what I had on my hands was a Triumph Sentinel Deluxe. However, I came across the following article on PenHero.Com, which now leads me to think I have a Crest 1500.  This is a fantastic article by Jim Mamoulides. See it HERE :

Any Sheaffer experts out there, please drop me a note if you know the specifics on telling the difference between the Sentinel Deluxe and a Crest 1500.


Author: Will Isaac

Pen addict.

3 thoughts on “Sheaffer Crest 1500”

  1. With a Triumph point, I’d expect a white dot somewhere. Is there a mysterious hole in the tail, perhaps? If that’s not around, you might have a Statesman or a Valiant jumped up to grander proportions.

    As far as telling the difference between Crest and Sentinel, one does tend to rely on the cap (gold in the former, the one you’ve got in the latter). If there’s no price code stamped under the maker’s impression on the barrel opposite the lever (and Sheaffer was cussedly inconsistent about that), you might as well declare it a Sentinel because it’s got a Sentinel cap. There may possibly be some fine distinction between the two based on point markings, but I think that they’re so close together in the catalogue that they’ll both have the same point.

    …all of which is somewhat immaterial if you’re more concerned with whether it’s a pen which writes nicely rather than a capital-c Collector who’s apt to get very troubled by an incorrect cap/body match. I’m sure my “Valiant” with a dot at either end would make for a lot of lost sleep in such a person.

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