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As an avid (rabid??) pen lover and quasi-semi-sort of- repair guy, I really appreciate when I run across someone else that puts their knowledge out for all to see. Check out Tyler Dahl’s site : Not only does he post some great reviews, he’s got some great instructional videos on YouTube. See them here:

New reviews on some golden oldies coming soon……


Follow Up to the Rhodia Web Book

I did a review last February on the Rhodia Web Book. At the time, I had just recieved the journal and started using it. While my first impressions were quite good, I wrote that review after having used the journal for about a month at the time. I was looking through my desk drawer today and ran across that now retired journal. It struck me that a) I need to work on “Fountain of Pens” again. Two posting a year is pretty lame. And b) I should do a follow-up on this journal.

This will be short, as the details of this journal can be found in the previous post. Let’s just say, I ended up dissapointed. In the end, I felt like the construction was rather…lacking.  The spine completely separated from the cover, and though this journal never sat out in the elements, the bold orange color faded away to a weird orangy-yellow. Would I buy this journal again? I’m not sure. While this one kind of fell apart on me, I have to wonder, was that a fluke? The paper is absolutely wonderful….If I could get this paper in an EcoSystems journal………