Follow Up to the Rhodia Web Book

I did a review last February on the Rhodia Web Book. At the time, I had just recieved the journal and started using it. While my first impressions were quite good, I wrote that review after having used the journal for about a month at the time. I was looking through my desk drawer today and ran across that now retired journal. It struck me that a) I need to work on “Fountain of Pens” again. Two posting a year is pretty lame. And b) I should do a follow-up on this journal.

This will be short, as the details of this journal can be found in the previous post. Let’s just say, I ended up dissapointed. In the end, I felt like the construction was rather…lacking.  The spine completely separated from the cover, and though this journal never sat out in the elements, the bold orange color faded away to a weird orangy-yellow. Would I buy this journal again? I’m not sure. While this one kind of fell apart on me, I have to wonder, was that a fluke? The paper is absolutely wonderful….If I could get this paper in an EcoSystems journal………


Author: Will Isaac

Pen addict.

One thought on “Follow Up to the Rhodia Web Book”

  1. That’s surprising and disappointing.The problem has to be with poor binding and materials,like their genuine “Italian leatherette” and a poor quality glue and the binding techniques.The Clairfontaine paper,as you said,was fine.Being stored in a drawer for a long time could cause a problem onlx if the drawer was wood.Thats why metal artist’s flatfiles are preferable (See Henry Wilhelm’s book on Storage and Conservation ).Thanks for the info on Rhodias binding problems. I was just about to buy a dot grid webbie,but it seems Rhodia should stick to staples until they find a better binder. P.S.I hope you keep up with your blog.

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