My Esterbrook Collection

I hadn’t done anything pen-wise in months, so when I saw this pen on eBay last week, and noticed what the current bid price was with just about 5 minutes left to go ($15.00 at that time) I fired up the trusty eBay Sniper tool and set it for $45. I ended up with it for $36. Happy, happy, happy! It’s an Esterbrook, model LJ in the harder-to-find icicle pattern. Here’s some information on them from :

“Esterbrook produced a series of LJ sized pens now commonly called “Icicles” due to the pin striping of the plastic.  These were made later in production, and all seem to have the later spoon style lever.  The Green Icicle departs from Esterbrook’s normal color scheme and is much more vibrant than the marbled green color.”

While I’m very happy with the pen – it was in excellent shape when I got it – the icicles aren’t my favorite of the Esterbrook line. I find their color kind of subdued and boring. And for whatever reason, I can’t get them to polish up with the same level high gloss of their “regular” brothers. But they’re rare and this one was the right price!

These pens were designed to be utilitarian workhorses, and they are. But I also think they are some of the most beautiful pens ever made. And as pens in my collection can’t be just for looks; they must be good writers. These are.




Here are some more pictures of my Esterbrook Collection: