A Follow Up to my Esterbrook Collection

This isn’t devoted to Esterbrooks. No, really I mean it. It’s not. But ……while snooping around eBay the other night, I came across this black estie about to end. I needed a black estie in the J size, so I sniped it. Black is easily my least favorite color in the Esterbrook line, but I needed a black one and this fit the bill perfectly. Cheap.

Black Esterbrook JWhat I found when I disassembled the pen is part of what I’ve come to love about these pens. They’re nearly indestructible. The sac was original and pristine. Absolutely pliable. I’m certainly not the most experienced pen guy out there – far from it. But this was the first time I’ve come across a pen that was probably 50 to 60 years old, with a sac that was perfect. I’ve bought other pens (actually, 1, a Sheaffer Sentinel) in the same sort of age range that was supposedly new/old stock. Never inked. But it’s sac had hardened and was useless.

Yes. Esterbrooks are awesome!

Perfect original sac  The next post WILL be about something other than Esterbrooks. I promise.



Author: Will Isaac

Pen addict.

2 thoughts on “A Follow Up to my Esterbrook Collection”

    1. Don’t know really. The red ones are probably my favorites followed closely by the copper color. I think it’s because of how the colors seem to move and change as the pens are held in good light.

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