Cheap Pens in Tough Economic Times

My pen collection is small and quite eclectic. It’s up to about 55 “Good” pens (those in working order, that I can actually use, should I choose one) and another 25 or so “Junk Pens” that are all in a box waiting for parts in order to be restored, or, waiting to become parts for another pen’s restoration. At first, my collecting process was very simple. Buy/get whatever I could. As time went on, I became a bit more conceited. I was only into “vintage” American pens, and at that, pretty much only those with Parker or Sheaffer (also the occasional Eversharp – ’cause they looked cool….) written on the side of them.

Since that time, I have come to the point where I appreciate pretty much ALL fountain pens, though I do have some favorite brands and individuals. I’ve also come to a place where I no longer turn my nose up at ‘newer’ pens or to those pens made outside the USA (ie China, India, Japan, etc…). And given the current economic climate we find ourselves in, I’m currently REALLY into cheap-in-price-high-in-value pens. So look for some coming reviews of low cost (and what I consider to be – ) reletively high quality pens from Lamy, Parker, Esterbrook and others.