MAJESTIC – A 3rd Tier Pen Review

First Impressions (7)
This pen was one of a group of about 20, mostly “junk” pens that my mother gave me a few years ago. There were a couple of descent ones I thought worthy of restoring, the rest were for parts. My first impression with this was mostly favorable – I liked the minimalist appearance of it (no cap bands), and the blue striation of the body was very attractive, to my tastes. However, the clip was a bit of a letdown, primarily due to the fact that the thin gold plating was wearing off.

Appearance (8)
The only detraction in the appearance of this pen, as I mentioned, is the clip. It’s a bit too ornate for an otherwise “minimalist” pen. The clip is reminescent of Parkers arrow clips. It features “fletching” down the sides and an arrow at it’s end. I think the clip would have been much more attractive just plain and smooth with only the company name on it.

Design/Size/Weight (9)
As mentioned, a “minimalist” design, very elegant. The pen features a nice clear visulated section so that you can tell when your ink supply is getting low. The clip is really the only drawback. As with most vintage pens that are all plastic, this one is very light. It is 5 1/16″ Capped and 6 5/16″Posted.

Nib (5)
I’ve definitely seen better, but I’ve seen a lot worse too. I would call it a medium stainless steel, with gold plating that has mostly worn off. The nib has a “sweet spot”. If you hit it, it’s very smooth. Tilt wrong, and you get some scratch.

Filling System (8)
The pen has been resacced with a #16 latex sac. Fills as designed, however, the lever is just ever-so-slightly loose on it’s pivot point and consequently has a very slight rattle.

Cost and Value (10)
You can’t beat free…

Conclusion (7.8)
I really like the looks of this pen, but the nib holds it back from getting in my rotation too very often. I do have an old Levenger stainless nib laying around somewhere. I might just swap it out and have a really nice writer…