Monteverde Artista Crystal

20160330_140404Following is my review of the Monteverde Artista Crystal demonstrator pen. This is a pen that I haven’t seen a lot on out on the ‘Net. That being said, I’ve included links to some other good reviews on this pen at the end of my own.



Well, pretty simple, it’s just a cool. Really cool in my opinion. The only reason for not giving it a 10 out of 10 would be it’s size. I prefer a larger pen, although I wouldn’t say that it’s too small. I would just prefer it a bit larger. Obviously, this is a completely subjective category.

20160330_140425APPEARANCE   9/10

The entire Artista line are demonstrators. This one is clear; I also have one in green. They also come in light blue, pink and yellow. The section, nib and accents are all stainless steel. The barrel and cap are highly polished both inside and out. One really cool thing is that the feed for the nib is also clear. So it actually changes color with the ink you choose to fill it with.

20160330_140301DESIGN / SIZE / WEIGHT   7/10

The pen is what I call a classic “Pelikan style”. Cigar shaped overall, with a screw off cap that posts well. The pen measures 5 inches capped and 6 1/16 inches posted. The weight was 25 grams.The only reason for the reduction in points is personal (and that’s the way reviews are supposed to be…). I wish it were a little bigger.

20160330_123336NIB   9/10

The nib is small-ish, stainless steel and an absolute pleasure to write with! Very smooth and reasonably wet, I believe these pens come only in a medium nib. There is no flex to speak of, but again, VERY smooth. It features some scroll work and says simply “Iridium Point <M>”.


The pen comes with a clear, twist style international size converter. It will also accept international size long and short cartridges. Though the barrel is clear and solid (no holes or seams), I would not recommend this pen for eyedropper conversion. Reason being that the entire section is metal, and likely could incur corrosion from the ink. It would look beautiful though!

COST & VALUE   9/10

I got my clear one from an eBay seller for $29.50.My green one come from the Goulet Pen Company for $36. I think Anderson Pens has them at the same price. Both have been great companies to deal with in my experience. Using a full retail cost of $36, I would call this pen an exceptional value. For me, the looks of a given pen are what will initially peak my interest.. And with demonstrators, I think you either really like them or you don’t. I’m one of those that really does like the look. However, if a pen isn’t pleasurable to write with, I’m out. This is a pen that excels in both the performance and looks departments.

CONCLUSION   8.7 Overall

So to end this. I’m a pen guy. I have cheap Chinese stuff all the way to expensive German stuff.My collection isn’t huge, but it’s not small either; something over 100 pens in working order and some (???) number for parts. I have new modern pens and vintage ones. For the past year and a half,one of these two Artista’a has stayed in my rotation, non-stop. If you knew me and my pens, you’d know that that was kind of a big deal. In short:


Monteverde Artista Notes – Written with subject pen using Noodler’s Black SwanAustrailian Roses

Accompanying Video

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I Have The BAT-PEN! (Aka the Monteverde Invincia Stylus)

Ok, so……I own the Bat-Pen. No really, I own the Bat-Pen.

The Bat –Pen.

This is the Monteverde Incincia Stylus. Ok, I’m and adult. I know there’s no Batman (….or IS there???……). But if there were, THIS is the pen he would use. At least his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, would.

I came to this pen, initially, from a very practical standpoint. I always carry a fountain pen to write with. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Nexus 7 tablet. I’ve found that I’m increasingly using the tablet in my insurance business for notes and filling out applications. Typically I just use a cheap stylus for this, but it’s just something else I have to keep up with. So I started looking to see if there was a fountain pen that also included a stylus in its design (there are a LOT of ballpoints that do). My search quickly lead me to the Bat-Pen. I’ve decided that Monteverde Invincia Stylus is too long to type, so for now on, the Bat-Pen. By the way Monteverde also makes another fountain pen / stylus that also incorporates a lot of other cool features called the “Tool Pen”, but it’s just not this level of cool.



Weighing in at 45 grams inked, this is a substantial pen. All metal body, (not sure of the underlying material) with a black matte finish. There is a center band between the cap and the body that isn’t quite shiny, but not matte either. This has “Monteverde Invincia” inscribed on it. Uncap, and the matte black coloring continues with the section, but the nib is a gorgeous oily wet looking shiny black #6 size nib. Beautiful. It’s approximately 5 ½” capped and 6 ¼” posted.

This pen looks like it came straight out of the first Batman movie, the Tim Burton one. That movie had a distinct look to it. Dark tones and lots of art-deco design. This pen has that art deco vibe to it. There are rivets, probably just for looks, on the clip, and small rings separating the cap from the stylus tip and again near the end of the barrel just prior to the end piece.




The large #6 size medium nib lays a luxurious wet line. Initially, I had a bit of a hard time getting it started, but just then, never since. It’s very, very smooth, but a weird thing, on some paper, the nib…..sings. Or squeaks. I’ll go with sings. It comes with a threaded converter and two Monteverde ink cartridges (short international style). I threw in the black cartridge, and would have to say I like it, though it’s not as dark as the Noodler’s black that I usually use.




















This pen is simply a “winner”. I haven’t even mentioned the stylus tip; it works superbly. There are some other, great reviews on this pen as well. Check out