Pilot Metropolitan Review

Pilot Metropolitan Review

And transposed to digital text…

This is going to be my first handwritten review of a pen, in this case a Pilot Metropolitan.

I purchased this a couple of months ago from Goulet Pens (great company, great service!), for $15.

I’ll make this pretty simple, I REALLY like this pen! This pen, at this price point ($15) with this quality — is really, really hard to beat. What’s not to like?

Well, there are a few negative points, at least for me. One is the point at which the section meets the body of the pen.It’s a big step-down, and for me, a bit uncomfortable to write with for long periods. Second is the filling system. It comes with one cartridge which is proprietary. Negative. Also comes with a squeeze bladder type of converter for filling from a bottle. It works great, and if they had just used a clear silicone sac for the bladder instead of black latex, I would have liked it better.

Ok. So what’s to like? Well, a lot more than I disliked. First and foremost, how it writes.And that can be labeled as awesome. Mine is a fine point. It’s easilly the best fine point nib I own. Pilot UNDERSTANDS what a fine point should be. I love them, but Lamy fine points are medium – or maybe medium/fine. This is a fine point. And a SMOOTH fine point.

Next is the pen design and material.Mine is a kind of champagne colored brushed aluminum (I think they call it “bronze”) Champagne  is a better description. It has a nice heft and is very well balanced. It is (in my opinion) a simple yet very elegant looking pen.

To summarize, this is a $15 dollar pen that comes across more like a $50 dollar pen. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a solid 7.5.

BTW, I can’t spell for S#%it.

Pilot Metropolitan



Manufacturer: Pilot
Model: Metropolitan
Year: 2014
Nib Stroke: Fine
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Notes: True fine, very smooth
Primary Body Color: Bronze aluminum
Primary Cap Color: Same
Capped Measurement: 5 7/16″
Posted Measurement: 6″
Purchase Date: August 26, 2014
Purchase Price: USD 15.00
Purchase Source: Goulet pens

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