Sheaffer’s Craftsman

Here’s an oldie that I’ve been coveting for quite a while. It’s a Sheaffer Craftsman in the carmine red striated color. Although I do really like the Craftsman model, I was more interested in this particular color. As fate would have it, every time I’ve been eBaying, looking for this color, they’ve been few and far between (which for me, translated into expensive). Then a couple of weeks ago, fate smiled, and several showed up, unrestored and at reasonable prices. I picked up two, this one, a lever-fill that I’ve restored, and a plunger-fill that I’ll probably polish up and resell. I haven’t tackled a successful vac-fill restoration yet.

I know from the auction pictures that it looked pretty rough, but I was pleasantly surprised that it had nothing more wrong than needing a new sac and a good cleaning / polishing. Here are some before:

And after….

Richard Binder has a great article on these pens. You can view it HERE!