Sheaffer Crest 1500

I recently acquired a new pen via eBay, a ’40’s era Sheaffer. But a Sheaffer what? Here’s some pictures:

Figure 1: Before Restoration

Figure 2: After Restoration

The pen is 5 ¼ inches long capped, 6 inches posted. It’s a thick pen (me likey….) a scant shy of ½ inch. There is no white dot on the pen or cap and the nib is a 14k Sheaffer Lifetime. The nib is a medium and just an absolutely awesome writer.

Initially, I thought what I had on my hands was a Triumph Sentinel Deluxe. However, I came across the following article on PenHero.Com, which now leads me to think I have a Crest 1500.  This is a fantastic article by Jim Mamoulides. See it HERE :

Any Sheaffer experts out there, please drop me a note if you know the specifics on telling the difference between the Sentinel Deluxe and a Crest 1500.